Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thursday February 14th in my Journalism class we created a visual resume on a free website called

"Vizualize.me" I found it to be very neat and easy to use. Pros about having a visual resume is that it

is interesting to read its not just a sheet a paper but a whole system with graphs, charts, etc. Also they

can clearly show how your work has progressed over a period of time. Also they can highlight your

years of experience better than a traditional resume  by using numbers rather than having the reader

add the years you worked in each job. Also being capable of creating a visual resume can impress an

employer because it shows that you can adapt to new technologies. Some cons can be that visual

resumes are new some people may not understand them, a traditional resume everyone knows where

everything is located from top to bottom. Also visual resumes can be distracting with all the different

things that are going on like the number of colors, the number of graphs, ribbons, etc. I think that

having both a traditional and visual resume would be good to have so dont limit yourself on which

one is better. At the link below you can check out the visual resume I created:

My Visual Resume on Vizualize.Me

Below are the five links that I got information from:

1. The Non-Traditional Resume IS the Way of the Future…. but… Where do you start?

2. The Pros and Cons of Infographic Resumes

3. Visual Resumes: Welcome Change or Job Seeker Gimmick?

4. Vizualize.me (Is This the Next Generation of Resumes or Just Fun?)

5. Pros and Cons of Visual Resumes and Traditional Resumes

Thursday, February 14, 2013

On Tuesday February 12 2013 in my Journalism class our professor separated the class into groups of

five. He had us evaluate one another's blogs and then write about each blog spot we've seen. We wrote

about the content in the blog, also what you learned to make your blog better. So here's my own


My blog URL goes by doymindset.blogspot.com, I could honestly say it goes by my latest albums title.

When you go onto my blog you will see at the top the title is "In.Kay.For.El's.3rd.Eye" meaning your

stepping into my own mind with my own thoughts that I'm sharing with you. In my blog you will see

as my background I have a photo taken in the mountains. I chose it so you can get a peaceful and calm

vibe when the audience is reading my entrees. I put the text black onto a white background, it is very

easy to read and also easy to follow. What I don't like about my blog is the URL font,  because of the

theme I've chosen it automatically gives it a burgundy font, which gives it the perception of thinking its

not a URL link but just a word that I decided to change the color to. I have been good on updating my

blog, but I am missing a couple things like the storify project we've done in class, and my piktochart

with info about a certain topic that we decided to choose from. I also should embed my cartoon

animation video onto my blog so that my audience could simply just play it from the blog.

Overall, I do like my blog, I do plan on still using it after the semester is over, and hopefully by then I'll

be a better writer.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Today on February 7th 2013 in my Journalism 121 class we worked on a program named excel.

 It's a bit confusing but I managed to learn how to make an exploding pie chart showing the number of 

students going by the grades they received overall. Below is the pie chart I did.

 It's really just living there heavenly.

In my Journalism 121 class we've been working on animation for the past week, just to start off the month of February in a program called xtranormal. 

It's a pretty interesting program and I'm actually glad I've heard of it. 

I actually had fun with it and I had most control on what I wanted to put out. 

CREATIVITY at its finest. At the bottom link is going to be my animation I created hope you enjoy. 

I named this one "Hip hop is dead, like my marriage"

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Journalism carries so much more than meets the eye.

I'm stunned as to how social networking has evolved.

Here's a link of a website called Storify.


Monday, January 21, 2013

Greetings, this is journalism 121 my name is Eduardo Centeno...lets talk about Multimedia Reporting!

Below I will have a number of links that will go over the matter of the subject.

Here is,

1.An Introduction to Multimedia Reporting

With every profession comes a program to work on your craft like
2. Five great digital journalism programs

Some want the education and schools give the people a heads up of what they will be learning which is
3.Multimedia Reporting: Covering Breaking News or

4."Multimedia journalism education in U.S.: What is a multimedia journalism course?"

Schools like the
5.University of South Florida St. Petersburg and classes runned by

6.Dr. Leslie-Jean Thornton which may require books like

7."Multimedia Journalism: A Practical Guide"

There are many

8.Digital or Multimedia Journalism Degree Programs through out the nation.

There's number of different programs to journalism for example


Multimedia is a subject that many can do even in the privacy of their own homes like

10."Anthony Adornato"

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The good, the bad, and the ugly

do not mean a thing when it's

depending on your mindset 

that decides its reaction.