Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thursday February 14th in my Journalism class we created a visual resume on a free website called

"Vizualize.me" I found it to be very neat and easy to use. Pros about having a visual resume is that it

is interesting to read its not just a sheet a paper but a whole system with graphs, charts, etc. Also they

can clearly show how your work has progressed over a period of time. Also they can highlight your

years of experience better than a traditional resume  by using numbers rather than having the reader

add the years you worked in each job. Also being capable of creating a visual resume can impress an

employer because it shows that you can adapt to new technologies. Some cons can be that visual

resumes are new some people may not understand them, a traditional resume everyone knows where

everything is located from top to bottom. Also visual resumes can be distracting with all the different

things that are going on like the number of colors, the number of graphs, ribbons, etc. I think that

having both a traditional and visual resume would be good to have so dont limit yourself on which

one is better. At the link below you can check out the visual resume I created:

My Visual Resume on Vizualize.Me

Below are the five links that I got information from:

1. The Non-Traditional Resume IS the Way of the Future…. but… Where do you start?

2. The Pros and Cons of Infographic Resumes

3. Visual Resumes: Welcome Change or Job Seeker Gimmick?

4. Vizualize.me (Is This the Next Generation of Resumes or Just Fun?)

5. Pros and Cons of Visual Resumes and Traditional Resumes

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